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22 Natural Ways to Cure Drug Addiction

Addiction is a growing problem in today’s society, particularly among young adults and teenagers. Drug addiction includes alcoholism, nicotine or smoking, cocaine, heroine, marijuana addiction and addictions to prescription drugs.

Addictions are treated with detoxification programs or through rehabilitation centers or with different types of therapies. Most of the therapies are psychological and emotional in nature.

Drug Addiction

Diet: Change your diet is a natural way to promote healing from addictions. Eat fruits and vegetables which are high in antioxidants like citrus fruits, spinach, berries and other leafy greens.

Supplementation: Vitamins and minerals are great remedies for addiction. A multivitamin can help individuals who are suffering from drug addictions.

Passionflower: It acts as a sedative and aids in drug withdrawal. Passionflower has been reported in treating physical symptoms associated with drug withdrawal, especially in lowering blood pressure levels.

Acupuncture: It is an alternative method for treating addiction and related emotional imbalances like anxiety and depression. It was developed in China and used as a Chinese medicine from 3000 years. Acupuncture reinstates a person’s natural energy and heals the body from within.

Meditation: It is an art of practicing mindfulness. Meditation helps substance abusers to become aware of their thoughts, feelings, good and bad. They don’t react to the negative ones.

Aromatherapy: This therapy uses essential oils extracted from herbs and plants that can be applied on the skin. Aroma derived from these natural plants has positive effects on the mind and the body. It is used to lessen the symptoms like anxiety, depression, drug withdrawal and insomnia.

Hypno Therapy: In this therapy, the addicts are hypnotized to give up the drug. Different techniques are used by the hypnotist to relax the body as well as the mind. In the state of relaxation, the addicts enters into state of subconscious mind.

Yoga: It combines three aspects like breath work, physical postures and meditation. Main intention of yoga is to bring the body, mind and spirit together in an united alignment. By practicing physical asanas, addicts become aware of their outdated behavioural patterns and makes conscious decision to change.Yoga for drug addicts

Exercise: Daily exercise can boost your mood and mind. Exercise improves the function of cardiovascular, endocrine and pulmonary systems. It has many cognitive benefits that helps in recovering drug addiction.

Pet or Animal Therapy: It is a traditional type of addiction treatment. In this therapy addicts focuses on someone else or something else.

Horticulture Therapy: This therapy is used to promote well-being. It is utilized in a wide range of treatments like prisions, mental health programs, addiction rehab and psychiatric hospitals. It provides a sense of purpose which is similar to animal therapy.

Art Based Therapy: It is an activity based therapy like gardening and animal therapy. It includes art or music therapy or certain construction projects. This therapy encourages the addicts to get outside themselves through the process of nurturing.

Biochemical Restoration: It aims to repair the biochemical imbalances that causes depression, anxiety, cravings and unstable moods that may lead to addiction. Certain biochemical imbalances makes a person prone to addiction and this treatment strives to improve.

Orange Juice: Drink orange juice and fresh lemon juice. It contains vitamin C which detoxifies the system and lessens the craving for drugs and enhances immunity.

Eat Healthy Foods: Foods like sesame seeds, green drinks, wheat germ and bee pollen granules speeds the process. Avocados, nuts, cheese, apple juice, eggs and papaya juice are also beneficial for drug addicts.

Kudzu: It helps in overcoming alcohol addiction. Oriental cultures used kudzu root for centuries to treat alcoholism.

Siberian Ginseng: It fights against cocaine and opiate addiction. It should not be used in case of high blood pressure and hypoglycaemia.

Valerian Root: It has a calming effect. When it is used with amino acid tyrosine, it is helpful for individuals undergoing opiate withdrawals.

Thunbergia Laurifolia: It is traditionally used in Thailand for detoxification. It helps the people to detoxify from harmful effects of drugs and alcohol.

Dimenhydrinate: It is used to treat motion sickness. It is very similar to diphenhydramine which is used to treat allergy symptoms like itching and sneezing. The side effect of dimenhydrinate is sedation which is beneficial even at the worst stages of drug withdrawal.

Ginger Root: It may ease the pain, nausea and inflammation caused by drug withdrawal. This drug withdrawal remedy is affordable and readily available.

Milk Thistle: It contains silymarin that protects the liver against a number of toxins including alcohol. A frequent drinker should take milk thistle extract on daily basis.


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