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What You Should Know About Sexual Anorexia?

Sexual Anorexia

Sexual anorexia, also known as sexual addiction or sexual compulsivity, can be defined as the inability to stop having sex. People who suffer from sexual anorexia may have the need to have sex on a daily basis, or they may have become addicted to certain forms of porn and not be able to stop watching it. Sexual anorexia can also mean that you become obsessed with your body image and always think about what others will think about your appearance.

Sexual anorexia causes

What is sexual anorexia? Sexual anorexia is a condition in which someone has a distorted relationship with sex. Instead of being satisfied, they see it as something that has to be avoided at all costs. They may suffer from depression or anxiety, and they may use sex addiction as a coping mechanism for these mental health issues. This means that their desire for sexual gratification isn’t necessarily about having more sex; it’s about controlling how much—or how little—sex they have.

warning signs of sexual anorexia

  • Lack of sexual desire or arousal.
  • Obsession with sex and appearance (for instance, an obsession with virginity)
  • Intolerance for masturbation or other forms of self-stimulation.
  • Inability to express sexual needs and/or a reluctance to talk about sex outside a relational context (you may have never learned how to talk about sex at all, making you feel confused when it comes up in conversations).
  • Extreme guilt over having thoughts or feelings related to sexuality that are not oriented towards your partner.
  • A history of trauma or abuse in which sex was involved (either as a perpetrator or victim), usually within a relationship (and often but not always sexual assault).
  • Preoccupation with past mistakes, particularly those involving sexuality: Maybe you’ve had fantasies about someone inappropriate; maybe you’ve masturbated; maybe someone has found out—whatever happened, it feels like something terrible has already happened so why even try?
  • Attempts to stop thinking about sex completely through dieting (whether on food or porn), excessive exercise, workaholism, etc.

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Treatment Options:

While there is no cure for sexual anorexia, there are a variety of treatment options. Treatment will vary depending on your specific needs. For example, if you have compulsive masturbation disorder and do not currently masturbate (an important part of recovery), a therapist may work with you to set limits around masturbation to help you stop altogether. If you suffer from other issues alongside sexual anorexia, such as depression or anxiety, your therapy may focus on treating those symptoms. Additionally, it can be helpful to work with a support group for people who deal with sexual problems—these groups can offer great advice from others who’ve walked in your shoes and are well-positioned to help walk you through the recovery process.


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