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Guest Post Guidelines – Waystocure.com

At High Stuff, our emphasis is on producing current,high-quality, reliable and informative content on a variety of topics. We arealways on the lookout for writers who can help us enrich our content byproducing articles and posts on different topics.

If you are interested in writing for Ways To Cure as a guest post writer,please read our guest post guidelines below:

Original content: The content you submit should becompletely original and free of plagiarism. Our aim is to build trust with ourreaders and to establish ourselves as the best source of original, usefulcontent online. Thus, all submissions are vetted for originality and only 100%original articles are forwarded for publishing.

Acknowledgement: Ways To Cure will acknowledge youcompletely as the author or creator of the content. If you’ve produced anarticle in collaboration with other writers, we will gladly credit both of youas the authors. However, we have a zero-tolerance policy for self-promotion. Wewill not entertain backlinks to your website in any guest posts submitted byyou.

Images: All our posts are supported by relevant images andvideos where necessary. This adds life to the article and increases the valueof the content for our readers. Thus, we encourage our guest contributors toprovide relevant photographs and videos at the time of submission.

Topics: Ways To Cure is a Health Niche website and publishes content on health topics. You can submit articles on self-help, women health, natural remedies, parenting, and health.

Submitting your guest post(s)

The following steps are involved in publishing your guestpost:

• Submit your post below together with a photograph and abio.

•    You will receivean email acknowledgement within 1 week.

•    The editorialteam reviews your article before making the final decision.

•    If your articleis selected, you will be informed via email within a weekday of submission.

•    The selectedarticle is published on the website within 10 days of selection.

Please note that Ways To Cure retains the right to makeeditorial changes to your article to align it with our publishing policy andstandards.