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A Detail Overview of Steam Therapy Benefits

Natural Remedies
Steam therapy is a method that is used to make the skin easier to breathe and helps remove any dirt that clogs pores and makes the face look dull. Steam therapy or steam inhalation can be done under a steam shower or with a bowl filled with hot water. Steam…

What You Need to Know About Sleepwalking

Natural Remedies
Sleepwalking, also known as somnambulism, is when you get up and walk around while still asleep. Sleepwalking usually happens at night when you’re in the deepest phase of sleep. Sleepwalking can be scary because most people aren’t aware that they’re doing it, but with proper education about the causes and…

7 Natural Remedies for Ear Pain

Natural Remedies
Natural Remedies for Ear Pain
One of the most uncomfortable conditions that people have to deal with on an occasional basis is ear pain. Ear pain can be caused by many different things, including infections and buildup of ear wax, but you shouldn’t ever have to just live with the pain. Luckily, there are several…

The Best Fiber Foods for Constipation

Natural food for Constipation
It’s no fun when you have to rush to the bathroom every 20 minutes, and it gets even worse when you sit down on the toilet and nothing happens (also known as constipation). If you’re suffering from chronic constipation, there are plenty of short-term solutions you can use, but if…

What You Should Know About Sexual Anorexia?

Sexual Anorexia
Sexual anorexia, also known as sexual addiction or sexual compulsivity, can be defined as the inability to stop having sex. People who suffer from sexual anorexia may have the need to have sex on a daily basis, or they may have become addicted to certain forms of porn and not…

Here’s Why You Should Never Eat More Avocados in a Single Day?

avocado benefits
The avocado has many health benefits, but did you know that it’s also potentially harmful? It’s true! In fact, recent research indicates that over-consumption of avocados can result in unpleasant side effects such as cold sweats, nausea, and even stomach cramps! Read on to learn more about the side effects…

Stevia – The Amazing Anti Diabetic Properties

Diabatic, Natural Remedies
Stevia for Diabates
If you’re living with diabetes, then you already know the difficulty of balancing what you eat with your blood sugar levels. In fact, you may even have to take insulin injections or other diabetic medications in order to keep your blood sugar under control. With such challenges in mind, it’s…

Benefits of a Low Carbs Low Cholesterol Diet

Cholesterol, Obesity
Ways to Cure Hight Cholesterol
There are so many diet charts out there that it has become very difficult to make the right choice after a certain point of time. This is why you need to first get yourself tested and checked to determine whether your inability to lose weight is in any way connected…

How to Treat Sinus?

Cold and Flue
Ways to Cure Sinus
Sinus infection is also known as sinusitis. It is a swelling of the tissue lining of sinuses. It is a swelling that comes as an infection from viruses, bacteria, or fungi. Considering the normal cases, the sinuses are filled with air, and when they fill with fluid and a variety…