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The traditional medicine: Benefits of Yoga Asanas Which Keeps You Mentally Happy

Yoga Benefits

Yoga is an ancient and scientific method of exercising which keeps the body, mind, and soul calm and healthy. Yoga is not only limited to exercising, but it is also a complete art of staying healthy. It was developed by the Hindus and is mentioned in various scriptures. The earliest form of yoga was done with the help of mantra and asana but the modern form does not use the mantra. The mantra was full of positive energy increasing the power and immunity in one’s body. Yoga, if done in its purest form is more effective than the combined effort of gyms, fitness exercises, aerobics, sports, etc. The benefits of yoga asanas can be seen in some serious diseases such as AIDS and cancer. Whether a person is suffering from cancer or from any other fatal disease, Yoga can cure everything. Moreover, if a person practices Yoga in a proper way on a regular basis, he/ she will never contract any disease. During the time of Mahabharat and Ramayan, it is said people lived 1000 years and had the strength of 100 fully grown elephants and that’s because of Yoga.

Yoga has healed everyone and now the question arises how Yoga can help the simple answer is by healing them. Nowadays developed and developing countries people are prone to fatal diseases like cancer. Modern technology that we all so proudly, use, has brought about only illness and suffering. It has degraded the environment and has given a window to numerous unknown diseases to plague our world. The mobiles, smartphones, laptops, microwave ovens, refrigerators, etc. we use, constantly subject us to radiation of microwaves and radio waves. This radiation activates cancer cells. Yoga has the power to cure cancer and that too 100% which no other medicine has. Yoga can put these activated cancer cells to sleep.

Everyone has a busy life and are always on the run. Yoga has the power to provide physical as well as mental relaxation. Yoga makes our body flexible, tolerant and adjusting. It repairs our damaged tissues and other wear and tears our body has suffered. Yoga not only corrects our posture but also strengthens our muscles, tissues, and joints.

People eat junk food and this is the main reason forcholesterol, obesity and cardiac cases. Yoga increases blood circulation byclearing blockages in veins as well as capillaries, thereby increasing theblood flow. It strengthens the blood vessels and purifies the blood. Yoga isknown to strengthen heart rate, thereby decreasing the chances of a heartattack.

Yoga is a medicine in itself that has the ability toheal every wound and cure every disease. It is a part of Ayurveda, which is anancient Hindu treatise of medicine. In the year,2014 on the request of ourHonorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, the United Nations announced 21stJune as International Yoga Day. Now the world knows about the Benefits of Yoga Asanas.Yogais a science and art of healthy living. If one does regular Yoga, he or shedoes not need to take any medicines or go to any doctor. Yoga is self-sufficientand can increase one’s life.


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Ways to Cure
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