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10 Best Ways to Cure Cold And Flu Naturally

Following are the 10 best natural remedies to treat cold and flu are as follows:

cold and flu

  1. Apply Oil of Oregano: This oil comes in tincture form and tastes very bad but still it works. It is a powerful anti-bacterial, anti-viral and flu remedy oil. It is available in most of health food stores.
  2. Avoid Bought Juices and Soda: Most of the bought juices are pasteurized and contains added sugar which weakens your immune system. Instead of having bought juices drink veggie juice and water.
  3. Avoid Meat and Dairy Products: If you consume meat and dairy products, your digestive system works overtime to digest the animal meat which is heavier and it slow downs the healing process. It is advisable to eat vegetables and fruits when you are suffering from cold and flu.
  4. Drink Hot Liquids: Hot liquids relieves your nasal congestion, prevents dehydration and soothes the inflamed membranes that blocks your throat and nose. If you are congested at night, try a hot toddy (drink made with hot water, sugar and some spices). Or make a cup of hot herbal tea. Add one tablespoon of honey and a small measure of whisky.
  5. Use Vegetable Juice: Vegetable juice cures cold and flu. It also speeds up the healing process. You will get consistent amount of nutrition from vegetable juice to get rid of whatever is attacking to your body. Juicing vegetables is a best way to dose yourself with a lot of vitamins.
  6. Regular exercises like aerobics and cardio speeds up the heart to pump larger amount of blood, makes you breathe faster, helps in transferring oxygen from lungs to blood and makes you sweat as your body heats up.
  7. Relaxation increases the interleukins in human bloodstream. Interleukins are leaders in the immune system which fights against cold and flu viruses. Yoga classes will help you in learning relaxation skills and will benefit you from sweating too. Sweat will remove the toxins in your body.
  8. Take Supplements: Nature offers variety of products which improves our lives and helps us to stay healthy. Example – Regular use of Propolis will strengthens your immune system by increasing leukocytes task and anti-body formation, builds up resistance against cold, infections and flu. Other natural products that will boost your immune system are honey, resveratrol and bee pollen.
  9. Take a Steam Bath: Steam bath mositurises your nasal passage and relax your body. If you are fed up with flu, sit on a chair and take a sponge bath.
  10. Treat a Stuffy Nose With Warm Salt Water: Salt water breaks nasal congestion. It also removes bacteria and virus particles from nose. Example – Mix a pinch of salt and bicarbonate of soda in a half a pint of warm water. Use a syringe to squirt water into the nose. Hold one nostril closed by applying a light finger pressure while squirting the salt water mixture into the other nostril. Let it drain in first nostril and repeat the process 2-3 times, then treat the other nostril.

These simple remedies will boost your immune system and helps you to enjoy good health and spirit. It not only cures cold and flu but also prevents many viral diseases.


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Ways to Cure
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