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10 Easy and Quick Homemade Protein Recipes

Protein structures human anatomy. If you are a regular gym-goer or a lean college student who fails to impress anyone this vital building block has a major role to play. These delicious and healthy homemade protein recipe targets your chiseled body goals. Instead of falling for sugary preservative loaded energy bars make your quick bars at home in no time with a simple recipe.

Nutty Honey Protein bars: A balanced mix of nuts, grains and protein powder packed in an energy-boosting bar is the most loved source of protein. Mix a spoonful whey protein powder with quinoa, amaranth, toasted millet, oats. Add nuts to them. Honey binds them together and also provides the sweetness needed. Make bars, wrap them and freeze.

Fruity vegan bars– The home version of gluten-free, vegan protein bar can be made from a dried mix of berries, almond butter, applesauce, and maple syrup. This nutty fruity goodness will keep your belly fuller for long hours.

Easy no-bake crispy bar – Peanut butter or any nut butter has rich protein content. With just three ingredients, rice crisps, oats flour, and nut butter this is the simplest protein bar to make at home. Drizzle dark chocolate over it.

Protein-rich Black Bean Brownies– Serious chocolate beast can curb mid-afternoon hunger pangs with protein-loaded chocolate brownie. Blend protein powder with black beans and cocoa powder in a food processor. Add a handful of chocolate chips, bake. Eat after cooling down.

Protein Muffins- Quinoa and protein powder base of muffin boosts metabolism and thus keeps a check on weight. It can be chomped in breakfast or in mid-day. Customize recipe as per nut and dry fruits like dates, plums, berries and chocolate chips of your choice.

Black Bean Hummus – This easy to make healthy dip is very rich in protein. Creamy hummus can be homemade blending black bean, cottage cheese, and almond butter. Not fatty, don’t shy away from it. Add cumin powder, fresh parsley and a dash of paprika for taste.

Coconut Cashew Sesame bars – While the protein part is mostly contributed by flax, hemp and sesame seeds, Cashew and coconut enhance the flavor and antioxidants in dark chocolate offering numerous health benefit these bars are divine.

Lentil Balls – It is a recipe to consume lentils in a sweet combination of coconut sugar. The natural protein in lentils at par with protein powder may not fall in thoughts but believe me, a homemade preparation of lentil balls is not just healthy but also will be loved for the crunch.

Almond crusted Salmon stick – Nutrient-rich salmon coated in seasoned crushed almonds is an easy and quick snack that your kids will readily gorge on.

Banana and Chia Seeds Pudding – The pudding has a richness of Omega-3 fatty acids, protein, antioxidants and fibers. Get the benefit of the little powerhouse with banana in this no-fuss protein recipe.

The above homemade protein recipes with simple ingredients beat the hunger pangs and increase metabolism.


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