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What are some of the natural remedies of hair fall?


In the present day pollution is one of the most common problems which everyone is facing. Not only this pollution do hampers our environment but also our health. Basically due to these pollutants not only our respiratory organs get affected but also our hair do get affected. In most of the cases our hair is affected due to various other reasons. For example if your diet is not good, you are in meditation, or if you are not drinking water sufficiently then this might lead to a huge hair loss. Taking stress is also one of the major reason why this might happen.

Here are some of the natural hair loss treatments which will definitely help you stop losing your hair-

  • Neem leaves– It is considered to be one of the best natural hair loss treatments. Neem has many medicinal qualities,and such qualities help to cure various such deficiency. In order to stop hair loss boil it and later grind it after making it a composition of pate apply it on scalp of your head. One can practice this once or twice a week.
  • Onion Juice– It has high sulfur content, not only onion helps to treat the loss of hair but also improves the blood circulations of hair follicles. Onion Juice also help to reduce inflammation and has anti-bacterial properties.
  • Coconut milk massage– due to various rich as well influential medicinal properties coconut is considered to be one of the natural hair loss treatments. One can extract coconut milk after grinding it and squeezing the paste. Then later apply this milk on your scalp and then massage it near about 30 minutes, you will see the consequences.
  • Curd and Lemon– they both help to reduce the dandruff as well hair fall and act as an excellent natural conditioner. Apply a small portion of these in your hair you will itself see after some months and how your hair loss has been almost stopped.
  • Lavender oil massage– this is one of the best anti-oxidant, Lavender also have the properties of being an antiseptic and anti- fungal ingredients and not only these prevents hair loss but also dandruffs.
  • Amla-it has wonderful to cure all the deficiency related to the hair problems. Known as Indian gooseberry this can perform some of the magic in one’s hair at a very short period of time.
  • Honey-olive oil massage– these two have some of the wonderful medicinal properties not only they reduces the hair loss to a very large extent but are also one of the wonderful medicines with natural healer. Not only they have very different properties but also they have some of the best properties to cure hair fall.

In the present day busy life one should always take good care of his/her health as well as hair. And should be very much in the matter of hair fall because if it is not controlled in the initial period then this might lead you to a baldness in later period. One should take proper diet and should not be stressed out much.be healthy and took care of your hair properly.


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Ways to Cure
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