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Best Home Remedies To Cure Vitiligo

Vitiligo is also referred as the leucoderma. This is basically an annoying skin disease, which caused by consistent loss of cells meant for developing melanin pigment in skins, and white patches do appear on the face of the patient. Though in general it doesn’t cause much of the pain, but the person certainly finds it annoying in strong sunlight. Moreover, it can appear at any age, of any sex, at any part of the body. However, the most prominent zones where these patches are found are the hands, around the necks, at the back, and around the collar regions.
Good to know is that one can find a huge range of vitiligo remedies naturally. Given below is the list of various natural ways to avoid vitiligo in body.

Psoralea seeds:
These seeds dipped in the ginger fluid for 3 days are one of the best vitiligo remedies one can try at home. One may use the grind of tamarind seeds as well in place of ginger. It gives a great relaxation to the patient from the strong sunlight. The seeds can be grinded through hands as well for removing their outer coverings.

However, what most people make mistake is by drying the seeds under sunlight. Rather, they should make it dried under the shades, and then make it get powdered. Results can be witnessed upon taking one gram of the powder regularly along pure milk for forty to forty five days. It is important to make sure that you don’t break in between.

In fact, the seeds can be applied over the affected zones as well. It is here to mention that Psoralea seeds are also used as an element in UV therapy, which is considered one of the most advanced forms of therapy for vitiligo. Anyway, it should be used only after consulting the experts as these seeds generate hypersensitivities in some occasions.

Radish Seeds:
Radish seed is also an equally popular vitiligo remedies that one can go with. Prior using, around thirty to forty grams of nicely churned radish seeds should be dipped throughout the night, along with a little vinegar.

The glue thus prepared can be applied over the white patches, and let it get dried for around a couple of hours before it gets dried. One may even ad a very little amount of white arsenic and let it get soaked through out the night with the glue.

Basil leaves and lime juice:
Basil leaves are always known as the best remedies for skin improvement. It is quite known for its characteristic to avoid aging effects. At the same time, these are also considered as one of the finest naturally available vitiligo remedies.

The glue prepared through these leaves are blended along with lime juice is known for its ability to generate melanin. For the best result, its extract blended with lime juice can be applied for more than three times in a day. Incredible outcomes can be witnessed upon applying like this for about six months.


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Ways to Cure
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