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9 Great Ways To Cure Cracked Heels Quickly

Cure Cracked Heels

These are the common problems which are caused due to the painful fissures and dehydrated feet which seems to be a nuisance later may lead to various other problems like fungal infections and also ulcerations. And this foot care is an important issue for the rising number of diabetic’s patients around the world. Cracked heels can causes many trouble for a person. In this article we discuss the ways to cure cracked heels quickly.

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What are the causes of crack heels?

Here are some of the causes of the crack heels:

  • Lack of moisture- one of the most common cause of crack heels is lacking moisture. Often the feet’s are dry primarily because of absence of sweat glands. And most importantly due to this absence of sweat glands the portions around the heels become dry and cracked screen appears more and more.
  • Deficiencies of minerals- heel of the feet can also be affected if there are deficiencies of vitamins, minerals, and zinc.
  • Pressure- without taking rest spending lots of time by standing on one particular place can actually put stress on the feet as well as heels.
  • Disorders-various disorders like Athlete’s foot, Eczema, diabetes, thyroid disease, psoriasis etc. can also be one of the reasons of cracked heels.
  • Aging skin- skins like thick, dry, scaly, loses its elasticity with the increase in the age as a result encouraging more and more cracks to come up.
  • Exposing foot wear – sandals like open backs or open back shoes can lead the fat to expand sideways and increase the various possibilities are more and more cracks on heels. So it it’s very important that we should take proper care of our foot while wearing footwear.
  • Hygiene- if you are not keeping your feet in a proper hygienic conditions then there is more chances that your feet might have cracked wheels.
  • Water- being in a damped area for many hours and also keeping your feet in the wet areas will also lead to the cracked heels. Cracked heels can cause your feet more itchy in the later period.

Here are some of the ways to cure cracked heels quickly.

  • To remove cracked heels quickly the people with dry skin should take proper care of the feet in order to prevent cracked feet.
  • One should natural oil or even creams like moisturizing creams and other in order to keep the feet as well as the skin of the feet moisturized.
  • Baby oil are also said to be one of the most important supplements with regards to prevent cracked feet. Baby oil also has another advantage of not containing any skin irritants.
  • One should always use mild soaps while taking a bath and should always use moisturizers on the feet while taking a bath.
  • To keep the skin hydrated one should drink sufficient water. Latter this will help your body to retain moistures.
  • One should always wear right and proper fitting shoes.
  • One should particularly avoid saunas and steam baths in order to keep the foot free from getting wet.
  • Usage of hot water will also lead to the various skins removal from the portions of the feet.
  • Use of alcohol and caffeine should be avoided or else the feet will get itchier.


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Ways to Cure
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