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Causes Of General Skin Diseases And Its Remedies

There are numerous skin disorders that an intelligent person can recognize and treat the condition when he is out of reach of a dermatologist or cannot afford professional medical care. Some diseases may be so unusual or malignant that only a specialist who is qualified enough would be able to recognize and treat them. Some of the general skin diseases are mentioned below and their treatment that might be helpful:


Some people are very sensitive to substances in the air they breathe, in their food, or in something that they touch. The same substances may be harmless to other family members and to people in general. This sensitivity may be present from the time of birth, but it is more often built up as a result of repeated contacts with the offending substances.

The sensitivity is called as an allergy and if comparatively prompt and violent, the body’s reaction is called as anaphylaxis. A variety of diseases may be caused by an allergy. Hay fever, asthma, acute vomiting or purging and in children eczema, hives, and several other skin allergies are prominent examples.

What Should You Do?

  • Try to find out the identity of the offending food or other substance and avoid it. This may call for the aid of a skin specialist and one of the methods that he may use in the detective work is a series of skin tests.
  • When an allergy attack occurs, because of some food, discontinue all foods for a few hours.
  • If attack is very severe and the physician is available, consult his/her as soon as possible. The physician may be able to give some injections that will give instant relief and will prescribe other remedies to fit the individual cases.

Every Person Wants a Perfect and Flawless Skin, But Is That Possible to Achieve It?
Acne is probably the widely known skin affliction that almost every teenager faces during their teenage years. It is one of the general skin diseases that affect half the population. Acne is caused by a combination of bodily hormones and sometimes heredity. These two factors are behind most forms of acne.

Treatment Plans

  • Treatment differs from one person to other, as every individual has a different skin type and so the acne solution is also different. Many treatments for acne that are found in the local departmental stores are enough to combat the acne bumps.
  • There are occasional cases when you might require a skin specialist and more advanced treatment.


Boils occur accidentally and sometimes come with some serious general skin diseases. Boils are usually described in stories regarding witches; however, anyone can end up with a boil at some point in their life. Boils start out as an uncomfortable red area measuring about a half inch that grows over a few days’ time turn it into the more painful boil. Eventually, they will turn tenderer and white as the pus gathers under the skin surface on top of the boil itself.

How to Treat Boils?

  • Treatment of a boil generally contains repeated usage of warm compress until the boil comes to a head and bursts.
  • Once the boil bursts, you need to consistently clean the area with an antibacterial detergent until all of the pus is drained. And finally, apply an antibiotic balm and a bandage to keep it clean and hygienic.

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Ways to Cure
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