5 Best Ways To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are just unavoidable once it appeared over your skin. These marks are frequently seen among the ladies during their pregnancy. It can also be an outcome of extensive workouts or due to hormonal imbalance. Studies also suggest that these marks are pretty much genetic. Though in many occasions these marks get away itself, in most other cases, the person has to go for remedies to remove stretch mark from their skin.

Apply Potato slices:
You may try hard to stay away of potatoes to avoid the weight gain process. But, it’s indeed one of the finest natural remedies to remove stretch mark from skin. Potatoes are enriched with needful minerals and vitamins those help in nourishing the skin cells.

Naturally, these hold the ability to remove those stretch marks from the body. All that you need is to take a small piece of potato and apply it over the stretch marks. Let the fluid dry, and then wash the portion through warm water.

Apply Aloe Vera Gel:
AloeVera gel is another fine way to remove stretch mark naturally. Just take a single leaf of Aloe Vera, take out the gel, and apply it over the marks every day.

You can find the fading stretch mark in some days. It would be even better if you can blend the gel along with Vitamin-E oil and apply the same way.

Egg whites:
Your favorite egg is not just one of the best protein source, but also one of the finest elements to remove stretch mark. You have to first remove the white portion of the egg, mildly hit the egg white with spoon or something like that and apply a significant quantity of egg white over the marks on your skin.

Let it get dried and wash it through the water. You can then moisturize the portion through olive oil. Quick results can be witnessed upon following the process for a minimum three times in a day.

Drink enough water:
The simplest way of handling the stretch mark is to take adequate amount of water. Water has many other benefits, and the stretch marks get added in the list as another reason. The person needs to take a minimum of 4 liters of water in a day to find the marks getting faded after some days.

At the same time, the person with marks should focus on proper diets as well. He/she is recommended moreover to have the vegan diets or those with lesser fat and oil.

Almond oil:
Almond is rich in Vitamin E. To remove the marks, first deep the almonds in milk as long as it don’t get spongy. Now grind those and prepare nice glue and blend along the pure milk. After mixing the ingredients properly, smoothly apply over the marks. Let it dry, and then wash it through normal water.

Almond oil is preferred to be applied while sleeping for better result. However, it is important to follow the process regularly, until the marks are removed.

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