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How to Control Hair Fall?

Control Hair Fall

We all think about having strong, healthy, and shiny hairs to keep our beautiful looks. Unfortunately these days, the hair fall problem is raising in everyone. It is a common issue now that takes off the confidence of a human. Everyone wants to know how to control hair fall at a young age, so here we are with the most effective home remedies to reduce your hair fall-

What Causes Hair Fall?

Hormonal Changes

Changes in Hormones may cause hair fall as it weakens the hair follicles and hair roots. As a result, hairs get too sensitive and we get hair strands fall.

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Most women face hair loss in this stage. Pregnancy leads to fatigue and hormonal imbalance. It is also responsible for increasing dryness in the scalp and these factors lead to hair fall.

Physical And Mental Stress

The major cause of hair fall, illness, and excessive weight loss. The more you get stress the more you face hair fall. Avoid stress as much as possible to prevent rapid hair loss.

Scalp Infection

Scalp infection is another major issue after mental stress. This infection produces fungus and infections in the scalp and weakens the hair roots. This also causes thinning of hair, damages hair follicles and thus excessive hair fall.


Shampooing every day, styling with different hair tools, applying chemical and heat are some major factors that lead to hair fall. You can minimize the use of these hair styling tools to prevent hair fall.

Iron Deficiency

The Person who has anemia or deficiency of iron may also face hair fall. To get rid of this you have to increase the number of blood cells by taking iron supplements.

Top Remedies on how to control hair fall-

Onion juice

It is the most effective hair fall remedy, Using onion juice with coconut oil can drastically reduce hair fall. It is also effective for hair growth, just mix the onion juice with coconut oil. Now massage the scalp for and let it be for at least 1 hour, then rinse it with shampoo, and warm water. To remove the strong odor of onion you can add a few drops of lemon and then rinse and do not use this more than once a week.


It is also known as methi, it is also known as a highly effective remedy to treat hair fall. It also enhances hair growth and strong hair follicles. You need to Soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight, now make like paste and apply all over the scalp. You can rinse after 40 minutes, you have to apply this every day for a month.

Apple cider vinegar

It controls hair fall and gives soft hairs. Take vinegar and water in equal quantity. To avoid the smell you can add some essential oil and just spray this onto your scalp. Massage and rinse after 5 minutes. You must apply this at least twice a week.

Sour curd

It is the easiest and most effective remedy to recover hair loss. Also, it keeps smoothness and shines on hairs.  You can apply sour curd directly or mix it with honey to get a smooth scalp afterward. Wash your hairs after 30 minutes, there is no need to use shampoo.


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