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Reasons for grey hair & ways to cure it

One of the most negative outcomes of the erratic modern life is grey hair. Nothing in the world can give you the dread that the first grey strand will give you when you look at it in the mirror. More embarrassment follows when your friend or other person reports that to you. You know instantly that more are about to come eventually. Instantly you start looking for treatments and remedies which might cease the inevitable. The matter is such that every person is going to face sooner or later.

The occurrence of grey hair with ever growing age is an event that is obvious. However, when you notice them in your late 20s or early 30s it is really heartbreaking. Both white and grey hairs are the outcomes of loss of pigmentation in your hair. Your hair will turn grey when there is considerable loss of pigmentation. The complete loss of pigmentation will turn your hair white. The triggers and causes of grey hair are still not conclusive.

How to Control Hair Fall?

The growth of hair happens when the old cells are forced out by the follicles of hair due to the generation of new cells. The generation of new cells in the scalp and hair occurs in three stages: the growth, cessation, and rest. However, several factors determine the reason of loss of pigmentation in the hair.

The occurrence of grey hair is determined by various factors such as:

  • Genetics: It a factor that is predominant in the determination of loss of pigmentation on hair. The age at which grey hair starts surfacing is determined by genetics.
  • Melanin deficiency: Greying of hair is very much caused by the melanin deficiency. Melanin production depends on the nutrition and supplements of protein. Lack of these essentials will cause the drop in the melanin production which leads to greying of hair.

Ways to cure the occurrence of grey hair:

  • Vitamin B12: You need to increase the intake of Vitamin B12, by including foods that are rich source of vitamin B12 such as meat, pork, lamb, beef, and seafood. Dairy product like cheese and milk are very good sources of Vitamin B12.
  • Maintain thyroid levels: You need to keep your thyroid levels under check as the thyroid gland has a great impact on the important functions of the body. Hypothyroidism or an underactive thyroid leads to premature greying of hair. Hence, it is very much important to regulate and keep a check on your thyroid levels so as to identify if it is being one of the causes of pigmentation loss in hair.
  • Quit smoking: You need to quit smoking as studies state that smokers have a higher chance of having change of colour in hair as a result of loss of pigmentation. It cannot be ignored that smoking definitely has negative effects on overall health.
  • Have Antioxidants: Consume enough foods that are rich in antioxidants as your diet may help in accelerating the regaining of antioxidants and prevention of occurrence of grey hair. Antioxidants help in reducing the oxidation process that generates the free radicals in our body. Loss of pigmentation is a result of the oxidation process which can be inhibited by the antioxidants.


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Ways to Cure
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