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Symptoms and Natural Ways to Cure Jaundice

Jaundice occurs when there is an obstruction in the bile duct or when there is destruction of the red blood corpuscles. The person suffering from jaundice, their skin becomes yellow in color and it is caused by an excess amount of bilirubin (yellow chemical in hemoglobin, which is built up in the body when liver can’t handle the blood cells as they break down body and skin). So, jaundice treatment is very much necessary or else patients will result into death.

The major causes of jaundice are as follows:

Blockage in the Bile Ducts: Jaundice is caused by irritation in the gallstones and liver due to obstruction in the bile ducts.
Blood Sucking Diseases and Virus: It is caused when the liver doesn’t function properly due to infection of blood sucking diseases and virus.
Haemolytic Anemia: This is caused when red blood corpuscles do not function properly.

Symptoms of Jaundice:

A person’s skin looks yellow in color, white of the eyes and yellowing of mucous membranes in the mouth and nose. Some of the underlying conditions may lead to jaundice are:
• Fever and chills.
• Stomach pain.
• Itching, headache and nausea.
• Loss of appetite.
• Yellow discoloration of tongue, urine, skin and eyes.
• Dull pain in the liver region.
• Severe constipation.

Natural Ways to Cure Jaundice:

Certain natural food items alleviate symptoms and improves liver function. A few listed natural food items are effective for jaundice treatment.

Tomato Juice: A glass of tomato juice mixed with a pinch of pepper and salt. Drink this juice in an empty stomach in the early morning.

Papaya Leaves: Add honey to a teaspoon of papaya leaves paste. Eat this mixture regularly for about one or two weeks.

Sugarcane: It helps in proper digestion, liver functioning and to recover quickly from jaundice. Take a glass of cane juice and a bit of lime juice to this. Drink this juice twice a day for better results.

Radish Leaves: It contains compounds which induces appetite and regularizes the bowel movements. Take some radish leaves, then extract the juice from it with the help of a strainer. Drink a half litre of extracted radish juice daily for ten days to get better relief from the disease.

Lemon: The anti inflammatory properties present in lemon can unblock the bile ducts. Squeeze the juice of 2 lemons and add to a glass of water. Drink this juice minimum thrice a day, as it protects the liver cells from damage.

Almonds: Soak 7-8 almond kernels in water overnight. Peel almonds and grind them into a paste. Consume almonds along with dried dates and cardamoms. Even cardamoms and dates should be soaked overnight in water.

Neem: Collect fresh editable neem leaves and crush them into juice. Mix ½ tablespoon of juice with 2 tablespoons of sugar in a glass of water. Drink this juice in the early morning to get relief from jaundice.

Barley Water: It should be taken several times in a day. Boil a cup of barley with 3 liters of water and simmered for three hours.


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Ways to Cure
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