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10 Natural Hidden Ways to Cure Cancer

Cancer is a disease caused by a number of internal as well as external stimuli. Different types of cancer show their symptoms in different ways. Various signs are shown depending on the type of cancer. In general – cancer is characterized by these symptoms:

• Persistent Cough.
• Changes in the bladder.
• Indigestion.
• Slow healing of wounds.
• Changes in size or shape of existing moles.
• Lumps at the place of tumor.

Top 10 natural hidden ways to cure of cancer are as follows:

1. Broccoli is beneficial in treating certain types of colorectal cancers. Broccoli should be taken in the form of sprouts. It contains certain phytochemicals that fight against cancer cells.

2. Myrrh is a herb with a wide range of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Myrrh is great for treating all kinds of cancer.

3. Soybeans contains phytoestrogens that blocks cancer cells. Soybeans also contains isoflavones that prevents cancer at early stages. It can be taken either as cooked vegetables or sprouts. It prevents against prostate, breast, lung and colon cancer.

4. Asparagus is a vegetable with a green color, spear and head with green buds. It is commonly eaten as vegetable in different parts of the world and it is known for its unique and savory taste. Asparagus is one of the perfect natural sources of folate. An adequate intake of folate prevents colon, cervical, stomach and pancreatic cancers. A large amount of anti-inflammatories and antioxidants are found in Asparagus.

5. Arugula is known as Garden rocket and Rucola. It is one of the nutritious green-leaf vegetable of Mediterranean origin. Eating a large amount of Cruciferous vegetables lowers the risk of cancer like Lung Cancer and Colon Cancer. As per the research sulphur compound in cruciferous vegetables can fight against Cancer. Arugula contains a little amount of calories, carbohydrates and sodium and it has zero cholesterol.

6. Avocados act as an antioxidant. Avocados removes free radicals and toxins in your body. Avocados is the perfect breeding ground for cancer cells. An individual body should be free from toxins, then you need not worry about cancer.

7. Basil has a potential to destroy pre-cancerous tumors. Basil leaves can repair damaged cells by oxidation and radiation. Take the mixture of 10 grams of basil leaves juice and 2-3 spoons of honey religiously cures cancer.

8. Grapes contains a compound known as proanthocyanidins which reduces the estrogen production in your body. Grapes cures certain types of cancer like lung, colon, prostate and breast cancer.

9. Aloevera succulent plant can be consumed in jelly form. Aloe vera is an effective plant against lung and prostate cancer.

10. Lycopene is found in large quantities in guava, tomatoes, grapes, papayas, watermelon and apricots. These antioxidants are more effective than carotenoids in the removal of free radicals that stimulate cell division.
A balanced diet and a precautionary measures can cure of cancer. By having healthy and nutritious food, you can ward off incoming pathogens and activate the immune system to fight against cancerous cells.


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Ways to Cure

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