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10 Natural Ways to Cure Abdominal Pain

Stomach illness is one of the common problems in the world. Stomach pain is a problem which worries every individual and affect in any phase of life. The stomach ache may be felt between chest and groin. Stomach pain can be either chronic or intermittent. Chronic stomach pain may be constant or come and go with time. Intermittent stomach pain occurs due to mild stomach problems like heartburn, gas and indigestion.

Abdominal Pain

People suffering from stomach pain often experience problems like loss of appetite, vomiting, dysentery with blood, urine and chest acidity, stomach discomfort and burning sensation in stomach. If you are suffering from these problems, then these 10 natural remedies will help you in bringing relief from the stomach pain.

1. Asparagus: This veggie is high in water and fiber content. It prevents constipation and maintains healthy digestive tract. Fiber is more important for daily discharge of toxins through bile and stool. Fiber also plays an important role in regulating immune system and inflammation. Asparagus help with gas, diarrhea and cramps.

2. Chamomile Tea: This tea is an excellent remedy for uncomplicated stomach upsets. It possesses sedative and anti-inflammatory properties. Chamomile tea relaxes the smooth muscle of upper digestive system. When chamomile relaxes muscle, the contractions that are pushing food through your system will lessen the pain of spasms and cramps.

3. Ginger Root Tea: Ginger contains natural chemicals called shogaols and gingerols. These chemicals can relax the muscles which lines the intestinal track. Ginger root relieves nausea and also abdominal pain. Drink a cup of warm ginger root tea for stomach aches and it is more effective than ginger ale.

4. Rice Water: The water left after cooking rice is rice water and it acts as a demulcent. This substance relieves inflammation by forming a sort of soothing problem over a membrane.

5. Fennel Seeds: A volatile oil in fennel seeds can stimulate the secretion of digestive juices. Fennel seeds provide relief from gastritis and inflammation of the stomach. Chew ½ teaspoon of fennel seeds to get relief from discomfort.

6. Baking Soda: It is known as sodium hydrogen carbonate, bicarbonate of soda and sodium bicarbonate. Antacid property present in baking soda helps in relieving heartburn and stomach cramps.

7. Oatmeal: It consists soluble and insoluble fiber which is helpful in treating constipation. It is also beneficial in maintaining cholesterol levels, helps in weight loss, maintaining sugar levels and prevents cancer. It is a type of bland food which goes easily on an upset stomach.

8. Apples: They are very good supplement of dietary fiber that not only relieves stomach pain but also maintains digestive system. Apple prevents stomach ache to an aggravate.

9. Jarred or Canned Fruits: It not only brings antioxidants and vitamins back to the body but also helps in recovering from stomach pain. Consume canned fruits like pears, peaches and apricots which are easily digestible and relieves from abdominal pain.

10. Mint: Peppermint and spearmint are very effective for stomach pain and irritable bowel syndrome. It allows the food to pass faster through intestine and not only maintains the digestive system but also prevents cramping of the stomach.


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Ways to Cure
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