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Homely remedies are highly preferred for small sized kidney stones

Kidney stones are very common nowadays. People of all age groups have chances to develop kidney stones at the inner linings of their kidneys. Mainly, these stones are composed of Calcium oxalate and are maintained in a sharp crystalline structure. The patients, who have developed kidney stones in their kidneys, face lot difficulties in their maintaining a proper function of their kidney.

An intense amount of renal pain is associated with the formation of stones in the kidneys. Thus, it is highly recommended to opt for immediate diagnosis. Nowadays, going for an ultrasound test is the most convenient method to detect the presence of stones in the kidney.

There are various methods, through which the kidneys stones can be dissolved and can be passed through the urine. The best remedies for kidney stones are considered as:-

  • Apple Cider vinegar – This item has specific composition which helps in dissolving the kidney stones up to a great extent. The effect of this apple cinder vinegar depends on the size of the stone. The smaller is the size of the stone, the greater is the chances that the stone will dissolve. Again the use of these Apple cinder vinegar, helps in preventing the formation of stones in kidney for the second time. Apple Cinder Vinegar is preferred with honey and baking soda for effective results.
  • Lemon juice and olive oil – lemon juice is mainly used to break the calcium stones. As the kidney stones are comprised calcium oxalate, the lemon juice is preferred to dissolve the kidney stones effectively. These juices are also used to prevent the growth of kidney stones in the gallbladder. The use of olive oil develops of a lubricating path for the stone to pass through the urine. But the use of lemon juice and olive oil is strictly recommended when the size of kidney stones is very small.
  • Water is considered as the best remedy for kidney stones. Consuming copious amount of water can highly help to flush out the kidney stones through the urine. High amount of water also helps in preventing the formation of kidney stones in the kidneys. From the color of the urine, the chances of kidney stones can be predicted.
  • Uva Ursi – It is popularly known as bearberry and is rich with various items like triterpenes, piceosides, flavonoids, tannins. These items together help in softening the kidney stones and to bring it in a condition to pass through the urine. This is mainly consumed with tea in order to achieve the results effectively.
  • Basil – The consumption of basil leaves provides an effective result in dissolving the kidney stones within the urethra or the kidneys. The taste of the leaves is very strong, thus it is recommended to consume these leaves with honey and boiling water.

All these above methods are considered as the best remedies for kidney stones and are highly preferred to dissolve the stones and to flush them out through the urine. But in some cases, the size of the stones is pretty large than expected. In those cases, it is recommended to consult a doctor and to opt for various medical surgeries.


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Ways to Cure
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