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Slip Disc Symptoms and Natural Cures

Most of the patients are unaware about the problem of herniated or slipped disc, until they take an x-ray of the cervical and lumbar spine. It is a problem related with cushions like spines present between the vertebrae.

Human spinal disc is very similar to a jelly donut that has strong exterior, but contains very soft center. The crack forms on the surface of spinal disc, soft jelly oozes out and aggravates nerves around the spine causing severe pain and discomfort in legs and arms.

Symptoms of Herniated Disc:

Lumbar Spine: The main symptom of herniated disc is lower back pain. This lower back pain will leads to severe pain in the legs, buttocks, calf and thighs. Sometimes the problem may travel into one or both legs and becomes severe when leg is bent. Pain will be more when you bend your arms and legs.


Numbness and Paralysis: The nerves in the spinal canal of the vertebral column are compressed extensively and the sensation of pain is less. At the same time distinct areas in the chest, legs and arms are affected by feeling of numbness.

Muscles surrounding nerves become feeble, which makes difficult to carry heavy materials.

Cervical Spine: A symptom of herniated disc in the cervical spine is neck pain. It causes unbearable pain in the shoulders and arms. Frequently, the pain travels into the shoulder or between the shoulder blades. Patients suffering from herniated disc complains about dizziness and headaches.

Natural Cures of Herniated Disc:

Walking: The best form of exercise for herniated disc is walking. First find a flat surface and walk for around 10-20 minutes after every 3 hours. Don’t do more especially when you are suffering from pain in the legs.

Cold and Heat Therapy: To reduce inflammation use heat or cold pad as an alternative. It is advised to apply cold pad for first few days and later switch to heat pack. Heat a pad by placing it in the microwave for 15 minutes. Further use it on the affected areas after every 2-3 hours.


Physiotherapy: It is an excellent remedy for lower back pain. Professional therapists will teach you proper way of walking, lifting and performing day today activities. You can ask your physician for some stretching exercises that will strengthen the muscles and support your spine. Stretching exercises makes your legs and spine more flexible than ever.

Massage: It will pressurize certain points of your body and offers relief from chronic pain. Massage includes stroking, kneading and manipulating of back tissues which increases the movement of blood flow. Massage enhances the absorption of oxygen and nutrient by the cells of your body.

Cayenne Pepper is an effective natural ingredient for healing slipped disc. Either apply cayenne pepper paste and water on the affected areas or brew a cup of cayenne pepper tea once in a day.

White Willow Bark chemical structure of this herb is similar to aspirin. The anti-stringent, anti-inflammatory and analgesics properties of this herb will reduce the pain.


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Ways to Cure
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