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8 Natural Ways to Cure Lower Back Pain

Back pain occurs when something goes wrong with delicate column of bones, ligaments, joints and muscles. Or when you are dealing with a degenerative conditions like arthritis, strains, hairline spine fractures and kidney infections causes lower back pain.

Back Pain

Try these 8 natural solutions that provide excellent relief from back pain without any health hazards:

Ice and Heat: Ice works great as a pain relief. Ice temporarily blocks pain signals and reduces swelling. Lay an ice pack wrapped in a towel on the painful area up to 20 minutes. Alternatively, use a bag of frozen peas or corn. First few days, apply ice pack as frequently as necessary. Switch to moist heat after 48 hours to stimulate blood flow and heat reduces pain. Dip a towel in warm water, wring it out, then flatten and fold it. Place a towel across the painful area and cover the towel with plastic wrap.

Exercise: It is one of the most important self treatments for back pain. Exercise can give fast relief, strengthen the core muscles, supports the spine, improve the flexibility in spine and improves posture. Stretching Exercises will help in your quest for back pain relief. It should be carried out slowly, concentrating on lower back, hamstrings, quadriceps and hips. It will cause pain, but the pain is from stretched muscle. If you feel pain in any other areas you should stop immediately.

Lie Down More: Most of the adults spend entire time either sitting or standing. Gravity places huge stress on your lower back which leads to back pain and tiredness of the muscles.

Yoga and Massage: Yoga is an effective strategy for alleviating back pain. Yoga makes people aware of how they move their bodies. After taking yoga classes, you can experience an improvement in your body and it will reduce the need for pain medication. Massage will ease not only your back pain but also your anxiety. Massage releases endorphins that provides relaxation, relieves pain and reduces level of stress. It will ease your tension, knotted muscles, stiff joints, improves flexibility and mobility. It relaxes and softens your injured and overused muscles, reduces cramps and spasms.

Ginger and Bromelain: Ginger is an anti-inflammatory herb which can be used for pain relief and has stomach settling properties. Steep ginger in boiling water to make a delicious and fragrant tea. You can grate and add them to your vegetable juice to get relief from pain. Bromelain is found in pineapples. Bromelain can be used as a supplement for back pain. Protein digesting enzyme is a natural anti-inflammatory property found pineapples. Bromelain is found within the pineapple core, so make sure leave a bit of pulpy core intact when you eat the fruit.
Tulsi: Leaves of Tulsi are helpful to treat lower back pain. Boil tulsi leaves in a cup of water and add salt after cooling it. Apply this mixture twice a day to get relief from the pain.

Diet: Plan your diet at home and include carrot, cabbage, tomato, cucumber, lightly cooked vegetables like cauliflower and spinach. Include garlic in your diet which is very effective remedy for back pain. Regular consumption of calcium and vitamin C reduces back pain gradually.


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Ways to Cure

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