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Causes And Ways to Cure Rampant Caries


Rampant caries is a clinical condition where the teeth and its surface are widely affected by the series of microbes resulting in dental decay. It has been widely found in affecting the infants and adults as well. There are different types of Rampant Carries namely nursing bottle rampant carries, adolescent rampant caries, xerostomia induced rampant caries.

The nursing bottle rampant caries is found in infants and its commonest cause is toddler getting infected with the prolonged use of the feeding bottle. During the sleep there is less amount of salivary flow, causing the stagnation of the milk causing the tooth decay.  Also, Adolescent, Xerostomia is found in adolescents who sleep sucking on chocolates, candies and other cryogenic foods. The reason for the occurrence is the irradiation of the neck and head areas and the other reason is hypo-functioning of salivary gland.

These types of rampant carries occur and spread to the adjacent tooth, upper or lower tooth causing pain faster than normal decay. This cavity is found in yellowish brown in color. There are high chances of spreading this decay to the other tooth. Usually the diet analysis and modifications can be made in order to prevent it from more damage.

What are the causes?

  • Overnight improper bottle feeding results in high sugar intake and poor oral hygiene.
  • The people with poor socioeconomic backgrounds have bad hygiene, including oral hygiene.
  • Lack of the access to the dental care, especially for the people staying in rural areas whose access to the dental clinics is very limited.
  • Lack of dental knowledge
  • Decreased salivary flow


Rampant Caries can be treated once only after diagnosing the cause then the preventive or corrective measures can be taken immediately. The cause should be diagnosed to treat and manage it better.

Preventive Measures:

Preventive measures are given to their parents as a preventive approach which is tailored on the basis of how extensively the disease is. No two patients will have to follow the same procedure, it completely depends upon the caries problem the patient has.

  • Avoid feeding the child in sleep
  • Cleaning the mouth after the intake of food, milk, juices and more
  • After giving the milk to the child, make sure that the child drinks water after that.
  • Decrease the sugar consumption in the children, especially in between the meals
  • Clean the child’s gums using wet gauze at least once a day.
  • Avoid the dipping pacifiers such as honey or any other sweeteners.

Different ways to cure Rampant Caries:

  • If the rampant caries is identified in the early stages, then “fluoride application” on the teeth helps in preventing it from becoming worse.
  • If the rampant caries caused damaging the enamel of the teeth than restoration can be done by filling the tooth.
  • If the carries is involved in dentin and enamel then restoration can be done through filling a tooth.
  • If the rampant caries involves dentin, enamel and pulp, and depending on the severity of the caries in the pulp, then “pulp therapy” or “root canal therapy” can be done.

Prevention is always better than cure, follow good oral hygiene and avoid lifetime dental problems.


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